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Fake ID Use in Connecticut: A Growing Problem

The United States is facing a serious problem with the rising prevalence and proliferation of fake identification cards across the country. This issue goes far beyond teenagers trying to pass of fake drivers license to get into the local dive bar; we are seeing a growing prevalence of expertly forged documents being utilized to commit white collar crimes like identity theft, mortgage fraud, and credit card scams even after both state and federal law enforcement agencies continue to crack down on these issues. The impact of the phenomenon is evident across the US, even in the state of Connecticut. As the stories below show, fake identification has been highlighted in several recent events statewide:

  • We Make Id Scannable - Ids Premium Buy Arizona In West Hartford, a woman was arrested on felony charges outside a local bar and restaurant after she was caught in possession of two fake ID’s. Police officers noticed that the woman, who happened to be a minor, as extremely intoxicated and upon further investigation learned that she used the fake ID’s gain entry into the bar to drink. After being released from the hospital, she was charged with two counts of second-degree forgery.
  • Police officers in Stamford were able to intercept a package coming form China containing 24 high quality fake ID’s. The authorities believe that the ID’s in the package was intended for students attending colleges in the area, and that someone acting as a middleman collect pictures of the students and sent them overseas to be used on the cards.

What are the Penalties for Fake ID Possession in Connecticut?

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In Connecticut, possessing and using a fake ID is taken very seriously. Should you be caught using or even possessing a fake ID you will be charged with second-degree forgery, a class D felony charge in the state. Should you be found guilty, you could face up to 5 years in jail and fines up to $5000.

What makes the laws in Connecticut particularly harsh is that while most states are lenient towards minors that are using a fake ID simply to gain access to a bar or buy alcohol (as opposed to using it to commit a white collar crime like identity theft or credit card fraud), you won't be getting that type of leeway here. All instances of fake ID use and possession are treated exactly the same way.

How to Spot a Fake Connecticut ID

For bartenders, doormen, waiters, waitresses, notaries, bank tellers, retail clerks, and any other people who must verify ID’s in a professional environment, the proliferation in fake ID creation and distribution is disturbing. In many scenarios, the person responsible for failing to recognize a forged ID takes on just as much, if not more, liability than the person possessing the forged document. That being said, it is absolutely vital that businesses needing to regularly verify the identity of their patrons or employees use the I.D. Checking Guide.

We Make Id Scannable - Ids Premium Buy Arizona  

What the I.D. Checking Guide Includes:

  • We Make Id Scannable - Ids Premium Buy Arizona A full page or more for each U.S. state and Canadian province identity card sample, showing driver’s licenses and ID cards, plus U.S. and Canadian territories.
  • Guidelines on standard Connecticut driver's license terms, term length, etc.
  • An explanation of where overlay, UV ink, and other security features should be found on valid Connecticut ID
  • An explanation of what the proper alphanumeric sequencing of a Connecticut ID or Driver's license should be (i.e how many letters, numbers, etc.)
  • We Make Id Scannable - Ids Premium Buy Arizona Full details for past and current Connecticut driver's licenses in circulation.
  • "How to check driver’s licenses" techniques for training use.